Dear readers,

after exhausting weeks of work and study, I can say I am definitely relieved to receive the letter I'm passing my exams and get employed. One step further to my bright future. The next step is getting matriculate and study advertising design. I am really lucky to find a media agency where I can study and work also known as dual study. It will make my life stressful but also much better. I can earn money while I'm studying so I don't have to worry about being a poor student who has to give up shopping.

But firstly getting my new contract, I had to make some new employee pictures. I hate making formal pictures. It is so difficult to look natural with a normal smile.

employee, media agency, picture

After a lot of pictures I decided to take some selfies with the camera and honestly it was much more easier for me. I prepared myself with a natural look, but I'm still want to present myself. But employee pictures are way more easier to take than a picture for my ID. And I really need new ones.

employee, media agency, picture

I still can't decide between these two, but I have time before, we get the redesign online.

Preparing paperwork is really exhausting but it has to be done. The more I am happy about a little vacation with my family.
Don't miss it, I have a lot to tell and new cooperations with reviews I am preparing right now.

xo, RubyliXious



  1. Hey congrats for your exams and good luck for your dual study.
    By the way my favorite is pic no 2
    Best wishes Sassi

  2. Congrats :) I always hate to send my photos with my CV, it's like the most stressful thing ever.