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Dear readers,

did you miss me? I am so relieved that I'm finally done with my exams. It was 3 hard and exhausting weeks. In 2 weeks I will get the results for my exams, but first I will have a break of studying stress. Even if I have to work the few weeks before july I have a lot of fun things for my blog to do. As my exams were about creating websites and understanding the web language I will prepare my blog for a complete makeup. Not only for the image, it's also because of new sponsors.

Today I want to present you my newest sponsor Ideal of Sweden, a swedish brand selling trendy phone cases. I had to think about writing a post about phone cases, because it's not really my kind of category. But the phone cases by Ideal of Sweden are different than those phone cases I know. They're like matching accessories to an outfit.

ideal of sweden, phone case

Ideal of Sweden has a great selection of unique and trendy phone cases. I fell in love with the gold marble case "CARRARA GOLD" immediately and I have the chance to take two examples! As they are receiving I was surprised of the huge box. The package of the cases are already in high quality, so I just can expect the best of the product.

ideal of sweden, phone case, carrara gold, gold, marble

I was so curious about the price of these products I received and I was shocked. The price for the phone cases are up to 20€. I have to admit it is really expensive for a phone case, but I have to add phone cases by Apple are mostly more expensive and ugly. But you will get something for the price. The quality is unbelievable good. The surface of the cases feels really smooth and the colours are exactly as pictured on the website.

The brand itself has its golden logo on the case which makes it look very precious. I can't stop touching the case. It is heavier than my other cases, but not much more than you think. I also chose one for my sister who owns an iPhone 6S plus. The bigger size of the case "PILION PINK MARBLE" is much more impressive than mine.

ideal of sweden, phone case, pilion pink marble, gold, pink, marble

Ideal of Sweden has a summer collection which was release yesterday. I am excited about it and I also will share which one I choose from the new summer collection! I will post a code off for you as well to get the cases cheaper.

xo, RubyliXious

–  in cooperation with Ideal of Sweden  –



  1. Schöner Post. Die Marke habe ich bereits über Instagram kennegelernt und ich war ebenfalls etwas geschockt von den Preisen. Dafür sehen die Hüllen aber auch unglaublich schön aus. Ich denke ich überlege es mir nochmal und warte auf deinen Rabattcode.

    Liebe Grüße
    Annika von

  2. Ich mag Handy Hüllen richtig gerne. Die beiden sehen echt toll aus.
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Congrats :) Their cases are just a pure perfection *o*

  4. Sieht das schön aus :) Ich finde man braucht auch einfach verschieden farbige Handyhüllen damit man sie immer wiede rneu kombinieren kann. Am liebsten würde ich ja gar keine ums Handy machen... aber nachdem es mir das erste Mal runtergefallen ist kommt doch besser eine drum :)

    Lg, Mny von