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for about 4-5 weeks ago I received a huge package from gofeminin with test samples for a new product by bebe. I often take the chance to test new products but usually they're sending small test samples, but this time I was overwhelmed. I received 2 samples of the new cleansing mask in original size and additional smaller test samples to share it with friends.

bebe, bebeautiful, cleansing mask, review

After a month now I finally have the chance to write a review about this new product. During the testing phase I saw the products advertisment on TV and I was excited about the fact that I have the chance to test it.

As the cleansing mask is in a tube, the application is very simple. It has the typical texture of cleansing mask with peeling particles. My first impression was honestly not very good. It is a one minute cleansing mask directly after the shower. So for me personally it's not really a mask at all. I am standing for cleansing peeling-off mask, because I think they're really working. Those one minute thing are often useless.

bebe, bebeautiful, cleansing mask, review

But after a month now I am really surprised and the cleansing mask by bebe becomes my routine after the shower now. As I mentioned before, the application is really easy. I apply the cleansing mask while I'm showering so I can wash it off directly. Sometimes I wait one minute sometimes I don't but it still has its effect. My skin is really smooth and soft right now. I never use face cream, because I'm one of the person who doesn't really needs cream. I already have really smooth skin, but sometimes for example in winter I need face cream for more moisture. But with the cleansing mask I don't even need a skin care base for my foundation. And in addition I shower at the evening, so I extend the function of the cleansing mask as makeup remover.

And at least I am delighted by the smell. It isn't too strong. It has the typical "bebe scent" with a note of citrus fruit. I can recommend to test it out, because as I mentioned. For me it's not really a mask, but it has its effect. I also share my test samples with friends and family and they all have different opinions on this cleansing mask. But more than a half thinks it makes the skin soft and smooth and that is the important part for us.

xo, RubyliXious

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  1. Toller Post Liebes ! Ich überlege sie auch auszuprobieren. Wirklich schöne Bilder!<3

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  2. Das klingt auf jeden Fall super spannend! Bin am überlegen ob ich die nicht mal teste :) übrigens sind die Fotos absolut Klasse geworden!
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