fragrance of may

Dear readers,

may begins and I already know it will be a stressful month for me. My final exams are beginning and I'm already in my studying phase. But I can still enjoy the lovely breeze of spring. Cherry blossoms are growing everywhere and the sun tries to fight against dark clouds.

I'm delighted though, because I know summer is coming soon and I discover the perfect fragrance for the passage between spring and summer. It is definitely my favourite perfume at the moment.

fragrance, bvlgari, omnia crystalline, may

Bvlgari fragrances are popular for their charming and fresh smell. I got my Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline at ParfumGroup for a very good price. I already got one fragrance there before and I have to recommend them again. Their prices are invincible and their palette of fragrances contain the most popular perfumes.

But why am I so in love with Omnia Crytalline? Even it's not eau de parfum it lasts the whole day. The smell is very soft and feminine. My mum told me it has asian character with bamboo and lotus flower essence. But for me it's just flowery and fresh.

fragrance, bvlgari, omnia crystalline, may

I at least put this fragrance on, on my pre-birthday dinner with a fluffy jacket in salmon with my favourite mini bag by Valentino. The best part was to choose the matching MakeUp to the perfume. Nude tones and a lot of highlighter. With this perfume I just can smile through life even in hard times as exam period.

xo, RubyliXious



  1. Amazing photos :) I feel like May is going to be the laziest month for me, but I've got a little bit different terms in school because I'm doing my school through e-learning so I can just send all the exercises later, but I hope that this month won't be as stressful as you imagine it and I hope that your finals will go well :) Good luck :)

  2. WOw great post :) Pic are beautiful :) :*