bergen aan zee

Dear readers,

the last phase of studying begins and I have to finish my project at work. I'm just sitting in front of my desktop and thinking a lot about vacation and beach. The nearest beautiful beach I know is only a couple of hours away. And it's still shitty weather here in germany. We've got may and it's still 10° outside. So, all I've got are my memories and fantasy.

I want beach so bad, but I have to think about my personal price limit and the cold weather in europe. And like I mention the next beautiful beach is just a couple of hours away. Maybe I will take a trip to the place where I was with Niclas in 2015. My birthday present for him a short trip to Amsterdam, where we also visited some of the beach places in the netherlands.

wanderlust, bergen aan zee, netherlands

It was cold and windy. But the sun shined a lot. I love the fresh ocean breeze, it makes me feel a lot better and filled me with more power. The best part was the small caf├ęs at the beach, where you can enjoy delicious coffee or hot chocolate. I remember some good restaurants there either. I told my mum about my thoughts and she just had the idea to celebrate the birthday of my father there. My family has a personal relation to wonderful netherlands.

wanderlust, bergen aan zee, netherlands

I just can't wait until exam period is over and I can focus on looking for the next trip. But priority is my career, so I have to focus on exams and study. But I am pretty jealous of all my friends who are in vacation right now enjoying the sun and the beach.

xo, RubyliXious



  1. Das harte Arbeiten und Lernen wird sich aber auszahlen :)
    Du schaffst das :D
    Liebst, Colli
    vom beautyblog tobeyoutiful