driver's seat

Dear readers,

every women has her own favourite brand of lipstick, favourite kind of lipstick and fvourite colour. In my case there are brands like MAC, nyx or theBalm, I can't decide between liquid lipsticks or original lipsticks or maybe creamy palettes and colours are most complicated to choose. I compare every shades of red and every shades of nudes, but I can't decide for one favourite. I prepared myself for a shooting and I got a liquid lipstick with the colour "driver's seat" by smashbox and oh my gosh! Fuck yeah! I love this lipstick and I really mean it.

driver's seat, smashbox, always on, liquid lipstick

The shade is between red and nude. And the texture is amazing! It's not to dry like nyx Lingerie series and not to wet like Hudabeauty's liquid lipstick. It feels like a second skin on my lips and after eating, drinking, kissing a whole night out, it was still on my lips. For real, I'm never delighted like this before and I definitely have to buy other shades. And there it is the disadvantage. It is about 30€ per 4ml lipstick, but hey it's worth it!

driver's seat, smashbox, always on, liquid lipstick

I will never ever live without you any longer. My best friend. My love. My favourite lipstick.
Don't tell my boyfriend!

xo, RubyliXious



  1. My favorite lipsticks are from mac or sleek. I really like the colors. Yours is also pretty sweet <3

  2. Die Farbe ist wirklich sehr schön und steht dir auch mega gut! :)
    Liebe Grüße <3

  3. My favourite are from lime crime and NYX!

  4. Die Farbe sieht wirklich gut aus!
    Liebe Grüße,

  5. I didn't know that smashbox has so pretty shades, I need to check this brand on my lips because this colour is cool!

  6. Sieht sehr hübsch aus, danach muss ich vielleicht auch mal Ausschau halten =)
    Love, Héloise
    Et Omnia Vanitas