Review Epic False Lash by Max Factor

Dear readers,

before I went on my trip with my boyfriend I received a package by Max Factor. I was one of the 700 tester for their new product the Epic False Lash Mascara. My first impression of this mascara is the packaging. It was simple in gold on the outside but with a very special brush on the inside. The form of the brush was unusual for a mascara brush, but it said with its special form the brush is able to seperate the lashes clearly and makes it looks much longer like the false lashes effect.

I am surprised. Definitely. It really works. The texture is soft and not too massive what means you only need on layer to get the effect. It makes your lashes for about 2 cm longer and my absolute favourite; it makes it super curvy without an eyelash curler.

And the unique brush is definitely recommendable. It seperates my lashes perfectly and give my lashes extra length. It is super easy to handle, I didn't have any problem to apply with this special brush. I have to say I never use the brand Max Factor so much before. It's obviously affordable. I definitely have a crush on this mascara and it's absolutely one I would buy again. And yes. I can't find a negative point.

xo, RubyliXious

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  1. I definitely need to buy it :)
    have a nice day
    Katy von LA KATY FOX
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  2. Schöne Review, ich finde die Maxfactor Mascara allgemein ziemlich gut!
    <3 michelle // covered in copper