the balm

Dear readers,

one of my best friend is always knowing what I need or what I want. She knows that I'm a passionate matte lipstick lover. And since she knows I'm a little bit disappointed of the nyx liquid lipstick collection, she bought me a matte liquid lipstick collection by theBalm.

the balm

I already own the famous theBalm nude palette, but I never heard of liquid lipsticks of the before. The collection includes all the red tones I actually wear and they'rr so handy you could take them everywhere in every kind of bags.

the balm

From left to right I sort them from dark to light.

  1. The first colour "Loyal" is perfectly for go clubbing. The dark red is on point and comparable with colour of red whine.
  2. The colour "Dedicated" is a mix of classic red and dark pink
  3. "Charming" is comparible as a mix of nude and a dark pink tone. I wear them on dates with my boyfriend.
  4. "Sincere" is the light version of "Charming". The perfect tone for daily MakeUp.
  5. Nude tones are my favourite for office, school and lunch with my girls. "Committed" is therefore absolutely recommendable.
  6. Last but not least, "Doting" is a very light colour for me. I actually never wear it before.
These are filled with 1,2ml colour, so you actually can buy them in larger size (7,4ml). But I like this size as mentioned before, because they're handy and it is more fun to test more colours. The consistence is awesome and it doesn't even dry out your lips. But maybe that's the point because after eating the liquid lipstick is gone and I have to reapply them.

xo, RubyliXious



  1. Super schön♥

    Ganz liebe Grüße
    Kristine | kristykey

  2. Wow, they look absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Very nice pictures.
    Thank you for the tip
    best wishes

  4. Die Farben sind ja mal mega schön . Da freut nan sich auf den Sommer :)
    Karin von