Review of NurBesten 2.0

Dear readers,

the last days of November has begun and I experienced the pre-stage of stress of december madness. December is one of the most stressful month of the year. The last projects has to be done and published and beside work everyone gets crazy thinking of buying christmas presents.

This year I made it pretty easy for me. I already bought all of the Christmas presents for my family and friends, so I just have to focus on work and my studies. On top of that, the OnlineShop NurBesten send me a Pre-Christmas gift. Thank you so much I was so happy about these products!

review of nurbesten 2.0

A full smooth contouring pallet and glitter highlighter eye-shadow which are matching perfectly to my Christmas outfit. I just can recommend the contouring pallet. No matter which skin colour you have, at least two of the colour will match to you. And it is so easy to apply. Whether with a normal brush or a beautyblender. My secret trick is to put on oil primer firstly on a beautyblender. It will make your color shine and smooth on your face.

The eye-shadow is nearly as good as the Naked pallet by Urban Decay. And the colour are basics so really everyone can wear it. The most lightest colour can even use as highlighter. I really like the texture of this eye-shadow. It is not too powdery so it won't destroy your face foundation., but it last for so long. I can't find any negative points on these products and I definitely have to buy them again after mine will be depleted.If oyu want to buy them as well, just don't forget to use my code: TTDD10
You'll get 10% off!

As Christmas is conimg soon, I will post some Christmas gift ideas and of course my Christmas outfit. Today I will make the first step for my Christmas outfit.
Just one small tip about it: Goodbye long hair!

xo, RubyliXious

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  1. great post... have a nice day...

  2. Schöne Auswahl!
    Krass, dass die Palette an die UD rankommen soll!
    Das ist ja mal ein mega Schnapp!!!

    Liebst, Colli