Barcelona x La Pineda

Dear readers,

it is definitely the best feeling in the world to travel with someone you love and I really enjoy travelling with my boyfriend.
This time we visited La Pineda and Barcelona.

barcelona x la pineda

And it was wonderful. The sun, the beach, the country and its culture. Firstly, we were in La Pineda. A wonderful place to stay. Sandy beach, friendly people and culinary delicacy. Even in the night La Pineda was an interesting place. Beside the beachwalk in sunset, we can admire the artist on the street with inventive paintings.

Trips and sightseeing mustn't miss on vacations, so I booked a trip on a catamaran and I bought cards for the theme park Port Aventura.
The trip was only okay. I expect more than what we had. It was not like the catamaran trip in turkey.
But the best part of La Pineda was definitely the theme park Port Aventura. We bought the express ticket, so we didn't need to stand in line and we could try out the main attractions.

barcelona x la pineda
barcelona x la pineda

We went shopping in Barcelona for one day. We didn't have much time left to see everything in Barcelona.
On the last day it started to rain. But luckily we went home.
It was definitely a trip to remember.

I plan and organize a ReDesign.
So, stay tuned!

xo, RubyliXious



  1. Excited to see the posts you've got planned and to see the redesign! Completely agree about going on holiday with the one you love too. It sounds and looks like you had an incredible time :) Thank you for your support as always! <3
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  2. Lovely post!