romantic short trip

Dear readers,

actually I'm not a fan of romantic stuff, but on our 2nd anniversary, I made a huge gift for my boyfriend. I booked a short trip in Noord-Holland for a couple of days.

romantic short trip

We arrived Akersloot in the late evening and went to dinner in a classic steakhouse. It was unbelievable delicious and the atmosphere was prickling.
On the next day I showed him Amsterdam with a city tour by foot. Amsterdam is a beautiful small city, but full of tourism. To end the trip perfectly, we went to a coffeeshop. I think, you already know, what we'd done there.

romantic short trip           romantic short trip

The last day, we visited the provincial town Alkmaar for the famous funny Grachtentour. The bridges are so flat we had to duck our head. Alkmaar is very famous for their cheese, but unluckily the cheese market already ends in september. It was wonderful though. We went through the small place and their alleys with a lot of shopping possibilities.

romantic short trip

We left Alkmaar early enough to see the sunset in Egmond aan Zee. A small town at the beach of the Netherlands. It was very windy and cold, but in my boyfriends arms, I felt the warmth and a lot of love. And a hot chocolate in a beach bar gave me warmth.

romantic short trip
romantic short trip

Our last supper in Noord-Holland was wonderful. I invited my boyfriend to the fish restaurant near the bay in Egmond. The restaurant is really pretty furnished and I just felt comfortable.

What a shame! Holidays are over and I have to go to work again.
But happy halloween though!

xo, RubyliXious