highlights of my 24th

Dear readers,

feeling loved and blessed is how I feel right now. I celebrated my birthday with my family yesterday. My friends were congratulating me the whole day and I received lovely messages and gifts. I have to count myself to be lucky for having beloved people around me. I can't even realized what I received for my birthday yesterday.

24th birthday

Unluckily, I have to work on my birthday. But it wasn't really bad at all. I bake a cake for them the night before and bought some beer to celebrate the first part of my birthday with them. The time flew fast and I prepared myself for dinner in a steakhouse in our hometown with my family, my boyfriend and the boyfriend of my sister.

24th birthday
24th birthdayI invited my them to a fancy steakhouse in my hometown. It was a small restaurant, but the selection of steaks sounds really delicious. The meat was tender and they seasoned the steak very tasty. It was served with variations of different kind of potatoes. I chose farmer potatoes, which were big french fries well-spiced. I'm still crazy about the food.

24th birthday           24th birthday

But I'm more crazy about Niclas. He was really attentive on my birthday. It was his idea to bring me cherry blossoms and a DKNY mini bag. I actually didn't expect anything from him, because he was forgetting my birthday present last year.

Even my best friend visited me that night and brought a wonderful cake with peaches formed as flowers. Actually I planned to celebrate my birthday with my friends. But this period is exam preparation time and I couldn't find time for my celebration. But the more I'm happy about what everyone has done for me yesterday.

I'm thankful for every person in my life.

xo, RubyliXious



  1. Happy Birthday noch Liebes!
    Toll, das du so einen tollen Tag hattest :)
    Liebst, Colli
    vom beautyblog tobeyoutiful