Dear readers,

pencils are the best tools for sketches. But in university you should always be diversified. That means to try out every techniques of drawing.

But honestly, I always draw with pencils. I love black and white, maybe just because I can handle with black and white. With pencils you can imitates the shades better than with other tools.

This time I try out to draw with a ballpen.
It was really difficult so I had to start over and over again. And there you've got another reason why I love pencils. You can use an eraser, which is not possible with a ballpen.
Drawing eyes can be difficult and there are so many ways to draw eyes. I have to train more to make it more realistic. My other problem is that it doesn't really look like a sketch. It has to have more criss-cross lines, more hatched.

But you all know. Skill comes with practice.

xo, RubyliXious



  1. wow you are so talented, i would really luv a stretch of myself. Nice one girl