bavarian beauty

Dear readers,

I thought I won't have any vacation this summer, but luckily my parents were doing a citytrip and I went with them. We visited my mothers friend in Munich. The last time I saw Munich was about 4 years ago, but I still remember every detail, when I was here.

bavarian beauty

Actually, we weren't interested in sightseeing, because we were here before and we'd already seen everything. It was important for my parents to have actual family portraits at famous places in Munich, which we could send to my grandparents in Vietnam. I admire the architecture in Munich. The city is really a bavarian beauty. Some prefer historic cities in Bavaria, but I'm in love with the mixture of this big city. In every corner you could find something precious.
 bavarian beauty

We enjoyed the sunny weather and the beautiful city. It was full of people and tourists.
But the best part of traveling is the food. We eat bavarian traditional food and appreciate the delicious beer. My sister suggest to eat our national food just to try out how vietnamese people in Munich will cook our food. And I really have to recommend vietnamese food there. My parents, as two chefs, also had to admit it was delicious. Very spicy but tasty as my mum cooks.

bavarian beauty

I ordered a vietnamese chicken beef salad with celeries, onions and roasted peanuts. In combination with my cocktail it tasted like heaven. I really have to learn how to make a ginger blueberry mojito. The perfect drink for summer.
We spent a lot of money on shoppingtrips as well. The friend of my mother has tickets for the second hand outlet and of course we had to get there. There were brands like Calvin Klein, Escada and even Moschino.

bavarian beauty           bavarian beauty

I will post about the shopping haul in my next post so stay tuned!

xo, RubyliXious



  1. Beautiful Pictures :)
    xx, Julia

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  3. Pretty pictures, I also really like Munich, such a gorgeous city.


  4. hello dear! thanks so much for your visit :-)
    i've been to munich once and i loved it. so much to see, eat and shop haha.
    haha i had to laugh when you wrote you did those family portraits for your grandparents back in VN. it's the same wherever i go with my mum, always taking pictures to show our family.

    can't wait to see your travel pics then next year when you visit VN!!
    lots of love x

  5. Beautiful Pictures. Munich is a very cool city and great for shopping :)